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Value Education Programme

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Values are guiding principles that shape our outlook, attitudes and conduct. Teachers at Edify have pledged to instill in our students those moral values that present a true perspective for the development of any society or nation. Their role is not only to impart knowledge, but also to be set an example and provide guidance. The school runs a full-fledged Value Education Program for all classes where learning values become more fun when teachers involve students in various educational value based activities.

The Value Education Program at Edify aspires to stimulate reflection and introspection about issues that have moral and ethical relevance among students. The Program encourages students to thoughtfully choose and adhere to a set of values which are appropriate to and best reflect the challenges of their time, rather than imposing rules on them. The sessions and activities are designed to promote independent moral reasoning that supports discussions about moral dilemmas and crisis. This helps students develop an enduring and meaningful set of values. The Program also deals with a wide variety of themes of social significance through creative approaches and activities.

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