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Shalini Edward


Education is not about the transfer of knowledge from one mind to another or from one person to another. It is rather the igniting and awakening of curiosity in one’s mind. Dear friends, parents well wishes, stake holders and readers, education, as I see it, is a lifelong process, however, it is during these formative schooling days that the seed of curiosity is sown and later the entire nation and humanity relishes the harvest.

Education is not only making a child employable, education is about shaping an individual into an ideal global citizen, of course during the journey he/ she selects and pursues a carrier of his/her own choice. But the end result remains the same, “An ideal Citizen”.

We at Edify World School do exactly the same. We aim at developing emotionally, mentally, spiritually, ethically and morally strong individuals who are not rote learners or herd followers but leaders in their own capacity. We are not a factory manufacturing or giving out doctors, engineers, bureaucrats; we are a temple of learning, giving educated, not literate, but EDUCATED global citizens.

We are the brand ambassadors of Indian culture and heritage mixed with the latest Modern techniques and technology. Our students are hundred percent Indians but at the same time do not lack behind in terms of knowledge about latest innovations, of 21st century ways.

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