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Elementary School Program (IK1- IK3)

The specific learning outcomes enlist the required knowledge, skills sets and attitudes that the students shall demonstrate in relation to their cumulative learning experiences.

As student enter the Kindergarten, this becomes an exciting and stressful time for both parents and children. Embarking upon this new adventure together provides a great learning opportunity for all. In the Kindergarten children develop and refine their abilities and skills to think creatively and work collaboratively. A plethora of innovative programs combined with the effort of the facilitators of Edify act as guides to expand a child’s sense of delight and provide the vocabulary to describe what the children are experiencing. The school strives towards inculcating in the children the Character and Competence Profiles as set within the 3C Curriculum. These are closely connected to core Indian values. Kindergarten students are taught and guided to understand –

• the difference between right and wrong
• communicate needs and feelings verbally in a socially acceptable manner
• understand/recognize that other people have feelings too
• how to play independently or in a small group without needing to be constantly supervised
• why to take turns to share, converse or play
• how to be polite
• how to make decisions for themselves and
• how to explore new things by taking risks with safety.

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